Meet the Founder

julia tricarico
Julia Tricarico, owner + founder of Another Life NY, first made her way into the fashion industry as a teen model at the age of fourteen. From runway, editorial, print, high fashion, and commercial modeling, she has experience working with numerous industry professionals. These connections and experiences have helped her grow to have a deeper understanding of the fashion industry.

In 2018, Julia made the switch from modeling to influencing. She has collaborated with over 500+ brands including apparel, accessories, and hospitality.  Connecting with a brand on a personal level helps Julia create lively and unique content that both the brand and her audience love. Check out her Instagram @julia.tric.

In 2020, Julia began to grow her personal vintage pre-loved designer bag collection. As she became more knowledgeable on rare pieces and authenticity, she began to educate others and share her love for vintage designer pieces. Knowing that there is a whole story behind a vintage piece and “another life” to each bag is what makes the vintage industry fascinating to Julia. With that in mind, Another Life NY soft-launched in 2021 as a small business via Depop while Julia was a college senior. Julia hand picked and specifically sourced the vintage bags to provide unique options for her lovely bag obsessed customers.  

Julia graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing. She learned how to analyze data, identify customers/target audience, create campaigns, and track consumer's response. This has helped her grow her vintage luxury bag business as well as land her dream job in an amazing pr agency in New York City!